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Finding 3GPP CRs and Tdocs

Two free tools from Netovate are designed to give easy access to 3GPP meeting ’Tdocs’ and to provide a new way of searching the 3GPP Change Request database.

Try out the tools, provided free of charge by Netovate;

 A guide to the Generations

Our own web site does have presentations and some materials to help you better understand the output of the 3GPP groups, but we think the following video is worthy of placing here as an additional, general, resource on the journey "From 1G to 4G & Towards 5G - Evolution Of Communication". It is not always completely accurate - For example, It gives a simplified view of the early progress - but, it is well worth a watch, despite the computer voices.

One major error is at 4min 40sec, where the relationship between the ITU and 3GPP is not correctly characterised. 3GPP liaises closely and contributes to ITU, but is not governed by it.

The material is from a China based Youtube Group who acknowledge LTE – The UMTS Long Term Evolution (From Theory to Practice), Wikipedia and Radio as sources.

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The above services are provided by 3rd party providers and are not maintained by 3GPP.

3GPP would like to spot-light other tools and tutorial material based on 3GPP specifications and technologies, on a strictly impartial, non commercial basis. If you have any ideas or feedback about such content - Please contact;

Kevin FLYNN,
3GPP Marketing and Communications Officer,
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